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Maria is a senior Coach who accompanies people with success in their way for results in personal and professional life.

Behind the advanced certification and hundreds of clients in coaching,  has a previous experience of 15 years  in sales management B2B large corporate .​​​ Is working with private clients and with corporate clients, life, executive and group Coaching.


One important segment of her clients are top and middle managers  challenged by transitions or quick promotions, integration into new teams, leadership issues, working to over cross some temporary roadblocks, expatriates in their adaptation process to a new culture.

She has and express a large understanding of life, business’ world, people and cultures as  she traveled in 31 countries, living in 4, working with people of 20 nationalities and having an  international family.


What makes Coaching with Maria unique is her  natural ability to create bonding and openess. Kind, energetic and sofisticated, Maria has the gift to be a  genuine catalyzer for your   strenghts and gifts to blossom.


Qualifications :

  • Executive Power Coach -Coaching and Leadership  Canada

  • Certified Power Coach - Coaching and Leadership  Canada

  • Group Power Coach - Coaching and Leadership  Canada

  • Associate Power Coach- Coaching and Leadership  Canada

  • Coaching for managers -Excello Euritma 

  • Advanced  Communication Course –LandmarkEducation UK

  • Senior degree in Leadership- Landmark UK

  • University  Of  Bucharest , Graduated Law, dissertation on Contracts.

  • 23 professional courses and trainings on personal  development ; 19  professional courses an sales and management.

  • DISC® evaluator.


compressed Executive Coach Maria-Iris Ho

Christian has dedicated his last 7 years in coaching managers, after 30 years of a fruitful career as national and international financial and general director .

He is sincerely appreciated  by the people he worked with as a generous and remarquable coach and mentor .


He is executive and team Coach, 

using the methods of  ICI Geneve and the appreciative investigation method. 

Christian  is working in French and English . 

His speciality are the  coaching programs for  CEO, CFO & board of managers that they are in transitions or are facing  chalanges in bulding or strategy  chalanges. 


A mature coach: his  extended experience of over 30 years in business management is a strong atuu. 

Christian  was involved with generosity also in coaching students from La Rochelle Business School In France, assisting them in building their career plan. 


For the moment he leads coaching programs in Czech Republic, France, Romania and Belgium  with companies from Pharma and Otc.

Great communicator and fine observer of the human nature, Christian could accompany you in coaching in a unique, elegant and memorable way.


Qualifications :

  • Master Coach Executive and Team Coach, ICI Geneve. 


  • Universite Sorbone  France  - Law, Finance , Business Management.


Irina has a serious training in the economical field as result of the 2 profile faculties followed, both in the country and abroad and reinforced by the experience in sales, management and business administration for more than 10 years in multinational and local companies. She has also  the experience of running own family business.


The trainings, self-study and desire for continous development and refining helped her connect to her fundamental human values and fully express them, becoming the warm, noble and with integrity person she is today.


She chose to become a coach from a deep wish to offer love, hope and life joy to people. She is an Executine and Life Coach, working in individual and group sessions and using Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics® (PCMK™) methodologies for assisting you flip the unconstructive thoughts and actions into positive ones – permanently.


Irina is unique by her genuine kindness , she is pacient and delicate. A presence that allows people to feel comfortable as they are. A coach wich will accompany you discreet but commited.



Qualifications :

  • Certified Power Coach awarded by Coaching and Leadership International (CLI)

  • Executive Power Coach -Coaching and Leadership  Canada

  • Certified Group Power Coach awarded by Coaching and Leadership International

  • Universite d’Auvergne, Clermond Ferrand, France  - Management&Finance of Company

  • Academy of Economical Studies, Bucharest -  Faculty of Commerce

  • Language skills

  • Romanian – Native Speaker

  • English     - Advanced level




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