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Key factors in the success of the coaching program
1. Customers will determine their spiritual purpose and purpose in life. Absolute freedom comes when we recognize our contribution to the planet. Life makes more sense.

2. They will determine their short-term goal (0-8 years).


3. They will create a portfolio that includes:


-Intention letter,

-Curriculum vitae,

-Ability and Acquired Knowledge.

-Plan development


4. They will be controlled with their emotions and will formulate responses and actions appropriate to their purpose. Using methods of coaching Coaching Power with Mind-Kinetics® identify their deepest emotions related to career transition and will turn thoughts, attitudes, words and actions harmful in some positive.


5. They will review their lives. Customers will identify all the obstacles they have to overcome in all seven aspects of life.


6. Summarize and clarify: Customers will identify their conscious and subconscious fears about their transition or career challenges and eliminate them; at the same time they will be able to make the whole process work for them.


A very effective program for your career transition



It is the most comprehensive career transition coaching tool on the market.



Customers discover, working with a good coach, the passion and the force to advance, meaningfully, in the important direction for them.

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