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Where can you start making some beneficial changes with you or your team? You can use a few evaluation tools:


1.Multi-dimensional behavioral profile evaluations (personality, values, motiovation).



2. Inventory of leadership skills  | analyzing the set of skills needed for a leader


3. Balance in the 7 areas of life self-analysis of the 7 domains: professional, family, health, intellectual, spiritual, social, physical.


4. Evaluation 360 ​​°.

360 ° high is an assessment tool and can manage care to help identify how care is caring or can work to lead response groups, care or have functional relationships. , as well as interactions in the organizational environment with labour rights are given feedback.


This is achieved through its feedback from the response groups such as: The evaluated person, the Superiors, the Subordinates, the Colleagues and others.




The 8 managerial competencies are analysed as well as the 18 skills.

Specifications that can be presented below.

1. Communication, Active listening, Information analysis, Direct communication;


2. Leadership, Integrity, Guidance, Delegation of tasks;


3. Flexibility, Situational Adaptability, Innovation;


4. Organizational Relationships, Work Relationships, Teamwork;


5. Processor management Efficient use of resources. professionalism;


6. Performance, Initiative and Problem Solving, Goal Orientation;


7. Coaching, Talent development, Team motivation;


8. Personal development, Demonstration involves. Continuous development.

2 DISC.png

5.Evaluations D.I.S.C for  individuals and teams .

Are you trying to get to know your personality and the strengths in your professional activity better?


The DISC model offers you a valuable and professional perspective.



The DISC model is a standardized and relatively easy to use way of assessing personality styles. The classification in one of the 4 personality types (Dominant, Influent, Steady, Conscious) is made according to 2 scales: orientation towards people or towards tasks and their own pace fast or moderate.



Using the tool you can learn a lot about the behavioral models by which you are successful and you can have a perspective of what you could train, to move to a new level of performance and efficiency.



The psychometric evaluation profile DISC ® has> 50,000,000 respondents and over 80% as an accuracy margin. It is invented by Prof. William Marston (1893-1947), Jung's contemporary, graduate of Harvard University, Psychology (1915), Faculty of Law (1918), Doctor of Psychology, Harvard University (1921), Professor at American University, co - inventor of the Polygraph test successfully used today.


 On 4 dimensions, out of 112 behaviors, you will have the opportunity to analyse the limiting and constructive behavioral patterns.


It can be used individually or in group level.







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