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Generally speaking, the client who comes to coaching is a smart, educated, manager, leader, performer or entrepreneur, between 25-60 years of age, has style, is cultivated, walks, is generally conscious about what he is doing and wants more from him / her, is open to growth and knows that in the modern world there are many good things that can help you to progress faster, he is a man open to the new, who learns or likes to learn, who wants more sense in his life, more alignment, new perspectives of thought and action; has the probabilities of insured existence, but needs more clarity, power, self-expression, both personal and professional. He wants to be a better man, a better partner, a better manager, he wants more balance and more authenticity.


Life Coaching - is often approached by young people who are approaching steep life and suddenly feel like they have behavioral adaptation needs that they have no one to talk to solve.

Then people are also aware that they are in the middle of life, they have some patterns that sabotage them and want to change / overcome them. They need to rediscover, regain, reinvent, re-secure. They have a good life, but they do not have satisfaction, self-expression, power, freedom. Also with life coaching, there are some people who have made a transition in their career - man wants to change his job, negotiate a 'exist' or wants to look for something else and needs to talk with someone qualified in such processes . Or he was kicked out, around the age of 40-48, and needs to get his way on.


Sometimes it starts with life coaching and a team manager who actually needs managerial coaching and then team coaching. He is the manager of the first or the second managerial exponent who has a team leader and realizes that he does not resolve to manage relationships effectively, that people do not work together, do not agree on common work sessions, do not use the force of intelligence collective, do not act as a team. And, as their leader, he knows he can do more, and he calls himself a coach, then as a team coach for catalysis, coagulation, awareness, awakening of empathy, collaboration and group strength.


Also in life coaching can come - mature people> 38-60 years old, with a demanding leadership job, who want to clarify their decision making by talking to a coach and to reach specific goals, especially personal ones. They are powerful, but with not big  ego, so that it takes into account the need to adapt and continue learning, to grind the character, the behaviors and the understanding and mastering of fines to manage other people efficiently.

If you have a challenge you cannot overcome or a goal you cannot achieve, you have to know that  PCMK™ is designed to allow you to arrive to have innovative clarity. In other words, there is hope!

Working with thousands of people , we now know that people needs, in order to feel peacefully inside, to have balance in all these 7 areas of  life:  social, health, finances, career, spiritual and family .

It is  simple, when we aren't healthy, happy or peaceful, we are looking  to find out why and to fix it. This is where your Power Coach ® 

comes in.


I have the training to help you change your life - to find the root cause of your roadblock and to bring you more happiness and peacefulness. The benefits of working with a Power CoachPCMK™ assists people in dramatically improving their performance at home and at work.

Our Clients tell us we are 'The Masters' of changing unconstructive habits and beha-viors into positive ones faster and more effectively than anyone.

In the book “Molecules of Emotion” by Candace Pert,Ph.D, internationally recognized researcher who has published over 250 scientific articles) she explains pioneering research on how the chemicals inside our bodies form a dynamic information network, linking mind and body, and this is not only provocative, it is revolutionary.By establishing the bio-molecular basis for our emotions and explaining these new scientific developments in a clear and accessible way, Pert empowers us to understand ourselves, our feelings, and the connection between our minds and our bodies in ways we could never possibly have imagined before).

  “If our emotions are blocked due to denial, repression, or trauma, then blood flow can become chronically constricted, depriving the frontal cortex, as well as other organs, of vital nourishment. This can leave you foggy and less alert, limited in your awareness…to make decisions that change physiology or behaviour. As a result ,you may become stuck – unable to respond freshly to the world around you  repeating old pattern of behavior."


Great work to do together, yes ! 

Choosing to work with a good Coach

you can expect many powerful results such as:


·        Achieve your dreams and goals. Identify your dreams and goals and watch  them come true.Get un-stuck.

·        Build stronger relationships: watch your relationships flourish. And feel greater peace when the unconstructive relationships leave your life.

·        Solve difficult problems: it can be tough to solve difficult problems on our own. Whether they are business or personal problems, your Power Coach will assist you in finding the solutions.

·        Identifying your Life Purpose: You will know for sure the path you were meant to take in life. This alone will bring more meaning and purpose into your life.

·        Removal of your largest mental block  in life the largest mental block to your personal and/or professional success)!

·        Permanent positive change: you will experience permanent positive change for any given issue in your life. We guarantee it.

·        Bilateral thinking: you will think faster and more effectively by becoming more of a bilateral thinker (someone who can switch easily between left and right hemispheres).

·        Think like an Einstein: clients over the years have proven to themselves that they too can think like a genius. We provide the tools for you to do so.

·        Live the Values of Humanity: you will better live the values of humanity such as greater faith in self and others, greater courage, commitment and compassion and so on.

·        Fast Results: our Clients tell us that our award-winning tools give the fastest results in the coaching industry. We don't waste your valuable time. 

Positive thinking doesn't mean to ignore or to paint reality in pink, it is about HOW you relate to the reality . It's about what you are actually have to learn from this situation you are struggling with.

When we recognize how the positive and negative beliefs control our biology, we can use this knowledge to create lives filled with health and happiness. 


How does this apply to coaching?

Power Coaching®with MindKinetics®(PCMK™) works to:


1. Identify your programming! What you like

and what you don’t like about your beliefs.


2. Improve your competencies at work and at home ( your conscious ones).


3. Discover your  blind spots  and rebuild new  positive beliefs.


4. Uncover your tremendous internal strengths and capitalize on them to allow you to be happier at work and at home.

Science tells us that human beings use a very small portion of their brain, 5-10%.

Have you wondered what we do with the rest of it?!


If with only 10% we have taken astronauts to the moon, informaticians to build the miracle of Internet and researchers have discovered incredible medical advances, imagine, what we could do with more brainpower! Image streaming is one of the tools that we use to assist our clients in tapping in to their highest creative centers in the brain. Image streaming helps us 'see' solutions to a problem, challenge or goal.


As all of the major inventions have come through image streaming of some sort or another, think about what you could obtain in your life, by having access to your genius. 

COACHING Tools like The Brain Walk®, for example, use our conscious and unconscious plus our logical and creative hemispheres to automatically lead our Clients to create the solutions they need to achieve their goals.


The Brain Walk allows us to use whole-brain thinking. Sound powerful? You bet. With a coaching like PCMK,  you'll learn how to think like an Einstein.


Einstein was a Master at image streaming. He would sit on a chair with the back of his hands resting on his knees - a rock in each hand. He would place his highest priority challenge in life into his mind. Next he would tell his left brain to shut off and his right brain to turn on. He would patiently wait for an image to stream in from his right brain. The right brain being the seat of creativity speaks in images. Once the image (solution) was conceived, Einstein would take that image and use his left brain to de-code it. In other words, he would work to discover how that image is a solution to this challenge.

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