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Executive coaching is a modern tool, useful for professionals who want to achieve performance beyond exhaustion  and sacrifice.  Through  coaching you have the opportunity to  grow  the ability to set goals, set priorities, analyze, plan, schedule, delegate, eliminate delays and wasted time, and plan teamwork, develop staff, and professionally by finding those solutions  geniuses who come from the mental space of peace, clarity  and balance.

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​​​ How popular  is COACHING?

  • 50% of US corporations say they use the services of a coach.

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The Present, the Future and Coaching  

We use new technologies, new ways of communicating, new ways of meeting. And we need new ways to grow intellectually and emotionally. PCMK coaching is one of these methods.

Growing business models are those that are strongly connected to the future. The people involved in these businesses have an incredible power to reinvent themselves and come up with a fresh thought. These businesses are run by people who think beyond patterns and believe in expanding intelligence.  


Alvin Tofler predicted: "Illiterates  In the 21st century, it will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who will not know how to learn, learn and re-learn. "

We give him a lot of justice today, don't we?


Take advantage of the opportunities that advanced coaching methods offer and give your brain plasticity, freshness, new work skills in  dimension  pentalaterala.

A good coach will help you approach the present in a balanced and positive way  and the future  strategic and wise.  










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Rightly so, you are now wondering: what is the ROI (return on investment) in COACHING?

  • At the end of each series of coaching sessions, a careful evaluation and calculation of the return on investment is made. Your coach has specific tools for this.

Example of ROI:

  • Metropolitan Life Insurance Company: Sales agent productivity increased by an average of 35%.


  • AT% T: 16% increase in turnover (double the previous year's increase)


  • Price Waterhouse Coopers: Profitability was 6 to 1. Metlife invested approximately $ 620,000 and made a measurable profit of $ 3.2 million.


  • A Fortune 500 telecommunications company: 529% increase with Executive Coaching, plus 788% employee retention.


  • Xerox Corporation found that productivity increased by 88% when coaching was used in combination with training (compared to only 22% when only training was applied). Source: www.peer.ca.




Do you really need coaching?

Good question.

Here is what those who used it said about:

1. Helps managers better control their time management,

priorities and to lay a healthy foundation for a satisfied and efficient team.

2. Support  those valuable employees - 'key talents', who currently have certain

blockages, to overcome them and to regain their clarity, power of thought and

action and enjoy the results again.

3. Facilitates the rapid and efficient integration of expatriate managers and their families

in Romanian culture and work environment.

4. Facilitates the integration of the newly advanced and their much faster entry into the role.

5. In sales teams, it helps to highlight personal qualities, increase team performance. It helps  extraordinary in improving the quality of communication inside and outside the company.

6. Helps adhesion  young managers on values, mission and vision  company and support them  to create its own system of values, ethics, image and behavior in public.

7. It is a good support for  complex programs designed by HR for career development and personal development.

8. Keeps employees motivated to exceed their targets.

9. It's a  basic tool  in the  leadership programs.

10. Whenever you feel the need for a major personal evolution of a team member.

11. Reduce the fluctuation rate of employees, support the growth of people  valuable growth within the organization.

12. Improve service quality  to clients in customer relations departments  and call centers.

13. Helps a deep coagulation of teams, based on the 76 values.

14. Supports teams to participate in achieving goals through training  commitment, the total power of each individual  by participating in group coaching sessions in which  dissolve paradigms and find new solutions to common goals.  

15. People have to manage objectively  in all areas of their lives: professional,  intellectual, family, financial, social, emotional.  Coaching supports them excellently in this endeavor to get to know each other better, make wise choices and achieve balance.

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