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Design Thinking Session

Design Thinking is a process in which ideas and concepts are collectively catalyzed to solve a specific problem. In corporate environments, these would be the recurring problems that employees and customers face on a daily basis. For the ideation process to be successful, it is crucial that a variety of people - from different departments, with different backgrounds - be with the Design Thinking facilitator coach, who will guide the flow of ideas in the best direction, towards solutions and action plan.


Before you decide to hire a coach who specializes in conducting Design Thinking sessions, it is important to clarify:


  1. What is the problem you are facing?

  2. Who will attend the design thinking  session?

  3. Where will the session take place?

  4. What is the desired result of the Design thinking session?

  5. What budget do you have?

  6. If you want the facilitator to accompany the team only in the ideation phase but also in the follow-up phase.

  7. Who will be appointed project manager on the innovation project?







The force of collective intelligence put into action.

Innovation starts from within. The people in the company are the ones who know best what can be improved and how. But they need a working structure to help them debate, crystallize and implement ideas.

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