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For many of us, the road to having a beautiful relationship, a happy family is a tall mountain with many steep climbs and unexpected descent.
The cause of most relational failures are negative thinking patterns and subconscious blockages.
With a good coach, you can smooth the way to a beautiful couple.


Here are some of the important things we can explore:

Completing the past. Understand that there is no need for suffering.

What present and future you want.

Why do you attract the same type of person / behavior?

Defining personal values ​​and criteria of choice.

Communication: power and relationship outcomes.

Understanding the deep self and being in balance with yourself before entering into a relationship.

Really accessing intuition and using it as a compass.

Their sufferings and their imprint.

The concept of relationship.

Male / Female Balance


Image, actions and attitude

I am a man who has known both the pain and the pursuit of the couple, and I would be happy to help you get better.

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