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I accompany individual clients and companies daily, through eight types of specialized coaching methods.   








EXpat & cultural 




performance COACHING 


relations COACHING 

change managemtn


Benefits that you can have working individually with a good  PCMK™ Coach:

  • PCMK™ Coaching assists individuals in significantly developing their personal and professional performance.  

  • Clients call PCMK ™ Coaches “masters” of facilitating the change of toxic habits and behaviours into positive ones and doing so faster and more efficiently than anyone.  

  • Masterfully using the active role of visualisation and meditation to tap into the creative thinking centres, to manifest new possibilities.  

  • Identifying the way in which you have assimilated and have perpetuated positive or negative convictions and how the latter serve or undermine your purposes.  It helps you see clearly what you like and don’t like about your convictions and where blockages come from.  

  • Understanding your strong points and key skills for awareness and action, personally and professionally.

  • Discovering the so called “blind spots”, bringing to light elements that you “didn’t know you didn’t know” and afterwards, based on this awareness, creating new positive beliefs.

  • Uncovering your inner strength, deriving great value from it and living a fuller and happier life.

Through organizational coaching, you have the opportunity to:​

  • Successfully go through organizational changes meant for progress.

  • Increase the efficiency of teams.

  • Develop key individuals, successors and strategic partnerships.

  • Support projects meant to innovate and implement innovative ideas. 

  • Facilitate the strengthening of commercial or leadership teams.

  • Create the premises for a most efficient adaptation process for managers new to their positions.

  • Increase profits, alignment with your purpose and manifesting common values.

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