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Top athletes already have a special physical condition, have worked for years for her, rarely this can be the main stumbling block to full success. Most often, un-constrictive  patterns are blocking the use of the entire physical and psychological potential of the athlete.

Examples of limiting subconscious beliefs we have identified and worked with some athletes we worked with: "I do not care," "I'm not good enough, it's not worth doing the best because others do not appreciate," " to be funny is the most important "," I am alone "," who am I to deserve so much success, "" I'm not part of the upper class, "" I'm vulnerable, "" I'm easy to hijack emotionally, "" I can use all the deoeric force to hurt the close ones "," I do not trust myself ", etc.

These thought patterns stored in the subconscious are hidden  to the athlete and to the loved ones, but they have a huge impact on thoughts and actions, so to the level of performance.

Biologically, at some neuronal level, some neuro-receptors are blocked, and as such, although the athlete is consciously intending an action, the effectors do not receive the information, which would translate into specific actions, and the athlete feels somewhat , "the body does not listen to him."


We know that not only is the extra physical effort that you make as an athlete to get to victory,

the release and use of the entire sporting potential can be done only by working at an advanced level with the individual's mental and collective mentality of the team.

When you are in the middle of the competition, it matters tremendously what runs in your subconscious; because the actions are too fast, it can be 100% controlled by the conscious mind, and the subconscious is 1 million times more powerful than the subconscious.

A good coach, professional in the mental training of athletes, is not something "fashionable", it is no longer just a fashion, it is a necessity.

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Light up the flame of victory! Reconnect to your deep potential!


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