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Mentoring programs

(individual and groups)

for ACC and PCC accreditation exams at ICF

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mentor coach acc si pcc bucuresti romani


If you are in that stage of your coaching career, in which you decided to take the exam for ACC or PCC accreditation, and you are looking for a mentor coach in Romania, you have found the right place.


Gaining the accreditation of the International Coaching Federation will be a culmination of your work so far, in addition, it will give you the seal of the guarantee that you offer professional services.


In the corporate environment, ICF certifications propel you in the ranking of those who receive the application for business coaching services.


You will learn a lot about yourself, about the optimal adaptation of your working methods to ICF standards, about your presence, about clarity, structure and results.

I look forward to making this trip together!



Contact me today. Why?


Because from the moment you decide to take a new accreditation, the duration from the beginning until receiving the diploma is about 9 months. The duration of the mentoring is 3 months, but there are records of work to be done, theoretical exams to be given, then other records to be prepared for evaluation and then the waiting time for the final ICF evaluation.


Therefore, both if your old accreditation expires and you need to extend it, through re-accreditation, and if you prepare your ACC or PCC, do not wait until the end of the year.

I also support companies in creating a group of professional internal coaches, accompanying them in obtaining ICF accreditation: ACC and PCC.

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