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  1. Assesment within the organization for to identify what motivates employees

  2. GPI 360 rating

  3. Individual behavioral assessment (DISC) in the recruitment process

  4. Individual behavioral assessment (DISC) in promotion selection

  5. Assessment of the level of leadership knowledge

  6. Assessment of communication style

  7. Individual evaluation of the 7 areas of life

  8. Facilitation Session Team board managers

  9. Facilitation Session Commercial Team

  10. Coaching individual middle manager

  11. Coaching individual senior manager (executive coaching)

  12. Coaching by the Commercial Team

  13. Group Coaching

  14. Public Speaking intervention with motivational speach or 'pill' of leadership at a customer event

  15. Drawing up an individual personal development plan based on DISC and Leadership skills

  16. Coaching for CV realization

  17. Coaching session - transition in career.

  18. Session to set or re-orientate Mission, Vision, and Company Values

  19. Facilitation session - Push us Sales

  20. Facilitation Session - "Negotiating Techniques"

  21. Coaching for middle / senior expat

  22. Session evaluation and image counseling

  23. Workshop - "Cross Cultural Management"

  24. Workshop - "Basic Principles in Leadership"

  25. Workshop - "Leadership Solutions"

  26. Workshop - "How to Organize an Effective Meeting"

  27. Workshop - "Fundamental Coaching for Managers"

  28. Suite of 4 workshops for commercial teams "Excellence in sales B 2 B"

  29. Workshop "Techniques of Negotiation, Influence and Persuasion in Business"

  30. Life coaching

  31. Mindfulness, meditation techniques

  32. Evaluari de leadership , suita HOGAN: HDI, HDS, MVPI +programe de follow up post-assesement, de coaching individual si de echipa 

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