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If you are on the verge of a life choice regarding the professional field, and you need a VOCATIONAL ADVISOR, you have found the right place.

I am Maria-Iris HOEPPE, specialist vocational coach and counselor accredited by the Ministry of National Education, who offers vocational assessment, career guidance and motivational support services in order to develop personal autonomy in choosing a suitable profession and managing a career plan.

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Clarifications about what the vocational counselor is and does:

1. He is not a psychologist. He may or may not have this training, but in the counseling process, he will not try to address existing issues but will focus on supporting the client in the decision-making process.

2. He is not a friend. The relationship between a client and an advisor must not exceed its limits precisely in order to be able to achieve its objectives set at the beginning of the process.

3. Respect a code of ethics.

4. It can be consulted regardless of the professional moment in which a client is. Whether he is a high school student and does not know which faculty / profession to choose, or he has finished college and realizes that it is not what he dreamed of or made a living a profession and wants something else, the consultant can help his client find his way. Maybe he doesn't know how he should actually present himself at an interview, what to say, how to say or he doesn't know what would be more important to include in his CV, or if his LinkedIn profile looks right…

5. Do not judge the one next to him. Regardless of the reason for which they met, a consultant will support him and will not judge the choices that the counseled person has made or will make.

6. It is objective and impartial. The consultant will not influence the client to go in one direction or another, he will be there for him to discover the benefits or lack thereof in each of the options that are discovered.

constantly participates in supervision sessions. The consultant must always be in step with everything that is new in the labor market, with the new tools and techniques that he can use in the counseling process, so that the relationship between him and the client is as fruitful as possible.

7. It supports its customers. Yes, it will use all the knowledge, tools, techniques for the person in the counseling process to find the answers they are looking for. However, no matter how skilled and eager he is to support him, the result depends only on his client! It just depends on how motivated he is to succeed, how much he wants his current situation to change, how involved and sleepy he is to make a decision for himself.

With the support of well-chosen interview methods and assessment tools, created by the most reliable cognitive-behavioral profiling companies, you are professionally supported to have a successful career!


-the counseling session lasts 50 minutes

-3-12 sessions are required, depending on the client's plans and profile

- a set of 2-5 individual evaluations is used out of the total of 12 available

-the meeting takes place at the office or online. Zoom or Skype.

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