Specialities : executive coaching, expat cultural coaching,life & performance coaching, change management coaching,  team coaching.

Coaching can be one of the most beautiful and useful experiences you will have in a lifetime. I have seen so many positive changes around people who have chosen this form of personal development, and in myself that, of course, I can only speak positively about this experience. One of which you leave richer in self-knowledge, poorer in limiting thinking patterns, stronger in self-confidence and more structured.


According to the definition of the International Coaching Federation, coaching is a partnership with clients in a creative thought-provoking process that inspires them to reach their maximum personal and professional potential. So, if you want more from you, then you have come to the right place.

Significant results that can be obtained as individual client  in a coaching program:

  • Identifying your objectives and ways to reach them.

  • Perfecting your leadership abilities.  

  • Develop professionally. Change certain beliefs (thought patterns) and some habits which limit you.

  • Increase your self-esteem and self-confidence, in order to reach your objectives.

  • Establish, develop and maintain, quality relationships. 

  • Develop new abilities needed to approach new communication objectives. 

  • Act as a charismatic leader, free from limiting patterns and habits creating conflict and inefficiency. 

  • Transcend interior barriers, including negative thinking. 

  • Better connect to the profound significance of your journey in this lifetime.  

  • Raise your authenticity level, self-expression, power and freedom.

  • See new alternatives you may not have thought of before, to decide with more self-confidence and positive perception.

The coaching programs I deliver in organizations

can also support you in obtaining valuable results:

  • Successfully move through positive organizational changes.

  • Raise teams’ efficiency.

  • Develop key team members, successors and strategic alliances.

  • Support projects that mean to innovate and implement innovative ideas.  

  • Facilitate team building for commercial and leadership teams.  

  • Facilitate the adaptation process of new managers.

  • Increase profits, aligning with the objective and manifesting common values.


“I have been involved in management of companies for over 27 years within the group I am a shareholder in and every year has brought complexity, dimension, risk.  Today, with over 1000 employees and approximately 60 – 70 mil Euro in income, my activity resembles the one of a performer.  Like one in sports, or music for example … When you are a performer, mistakes hurt, they are seen, they create loss.   A performer works with details, continuously reinvents himself.  This is why training, preparation are so important, this is why you never stop paying attention to yourself, mirroring, measuring and adjusting your performance level.  In my coaching sessions with Maria I took such pleasure in a profound reacquainting with myself, I gained presence, clarity and strength, I adjusted my beliefs and offered myself understanding and love.  An experience I will for sure repeat! Thank you, Maria.”



“I was at a crossroads in my professional life, one of those moments that appear exactly because you have to learn something.  And even though I was open to new exploration methods, I felt quite reticent regarding coaching efficiency.  But, as they say in psychology that the relationship with your therapist heals / develops you, Maria proved to be the person you thank after every meeting, with a large, grateful and revelatory smile and at the end of the program you feel like embracing her and saying: “You are a person who enriched my experience and one whom I would never want to lose.”

Maria determined me to clarify my objectives and draw up new ways of development, she encouraged me to mindfully experiment out of the box aspects in my interactions with people, thus broadening my horizons, she supported me all along, not only during our coaching sessions but every time she felt she could get to know me better. Maria is more than a coach, she is a person that you enter into a complete relationship with, should you open up in the same beautiful and authentic way as she does. 

Redefined beliefs and the value cards will be next to me from now on in any moment of crossroads that will appear in my life’s journey.  Maria, thank you for your presence and force!

(CRISTINA AVRAM, Marketing Director)


I work with the most efficient  and the most effective coaching methods , called PCMK / Power Coaching with the kinetics . Over 80 advanced working methods, updated with the latest research in psychology and neuroscience, so as to facilitate the client's awareness, changes, energy shifts, on  all 3 levels: conscious, subconscious, super-conscious. Although we approach the  present and future plans of our clients, we know that the past could never  be left behind, if is not illuminated, cleansed, integrated. We facilitate the access of customers to the root causes of their blockages. The past hurts but  can be healed. The past is in every cell in our body, in every action, in every moment. But the miracle remains that, we create the present ! After PCMK coaching sessions the clients experience both the release of the emotional charge, and change of limiting beliefs with some new, constructive ones, and at the end of 2 ores, that fly quick, they have a clear mind and an easy soul, with solutions and action plans. . PMCK ™ are internationally rewarded  methodologies recognized as generating  changing of beliefs and behaviors.  PMCK ™ trains the brain and generate growths of the EQ. 

Together we reveal your unique gifts

Through individual or company level programs, I have explored development through coaching with people from organizations such as:





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